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About Us

Blue Chip Tek is a Silicon Valley IT consulting firm that architects and implements the right technology solutions that businesses need to reach their business goals.

With our whole-system approach as an IT solutions provider, we deliver the tools and services essential for your success: from infrastructure networking, virtualization, and cloud computing to data security, storage, backup and recovery, and more.


Wiring Our Clients’ Success

For the last decade we have helped pre-revenue startups like YouTube and Mozilla become blue chip companies, delivering the just-in-time technologies that make their cutting-edge ideas possible. As a result, we have solved some of the most complex data center, high-performance infrastructure networking, and high-volume storage challenges in the industry to date. We can connect you with this strong network of clients who have faced similar challenges to yours.
Let us share our insights, industry expertise, and honest opinions with you. Working together, we will find the IT solutions that support your business objectives.


The Blue Chip Tek Difference

We Provide:

The most cost-effective products and solutions that align best with your business needs. We are brand agnostic, which means our only alliance is to you and your business. We will provide a complete IT system solution for your immediate needs, as well as built-in flexibility for sustainable future growth.

Access to a knowledgeable team with experience that runs wide and deep. We are technology solutions experts with a passion for new technologies. We think that honest and open discussion leads to the best solutions.

Management behind the scenes. Our team will help you manage tasks like product integration and interfacing with the continually changing manufacturers’ sales reps. We are a one-stop IT shop that will take care of everything for you.

A dedicated team behind your day-to-day Blue Chip Tek rep. You can reach out to any of us at any time and we will do what we can to help.

The best solution for you. Before our experienced sales and engineering teams recommend any solution, we will listen to your requirements and understand your short- and long-term goals and technology preferences.


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